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5-MAPB (also known as 5-(2-methylaminopropyl)benzofuran) is a synthetic entactogen.
5-MAPB is capable of acting like MDMA with subjective effects like stimulating, euphoric and entactogenic.
This product is capable of boosting the levels of the serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine neurotransmitters in the brain. Some dangerous interactions are combinations with 25x-NBOMe & 25x-NBOH, Alcohol, DXM, MDMA, MXE, Stimulants, Tramadol and MAOIs.
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Fine white powder
HCl (hydrochloride)

Technical Information
Purity: >98.8%
Formal Name:
5-(2-methylaminopropyl)benzofuran hydrochloride
Molar Mass: 225.7 g/mol

Storage Information
Keep stored in a room with not extream temperature
Stability: ≥ 2 years


5grams, 10 grams


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